Biography & Background

Biographical information

Lynn has lived in South Carolina since 1996. She has been quilting since 1966 and has had quilts in major shows and museums across the country, including the Anchorage Museum of History and Arts in Anchorage, Alaska.

She retired in 1988 to quilt full time and has expanded her talents to include designing pictorial quilts, sculpture in fabric, hand dyeing fabrics and a new method of doing stained glass quilts.

She frequently teaches and lectures throughout the Southeast.

Background on Artworks

When I started quilting 43 years ago, there were no books or any of the quilter’s rulers and tools available. So I taught myself. I think this made me develop my own style, to express myself in fabric, to stretch my abilities, to make quilts that were me. I feel that there is something magical about taking fabric, thread and batting and making something beautiful, something that touches your heart.

I wanted to make fiber art, to hang on walls as artwork, to express my feelings and emotions on how I view the world. Having my artwork exhibited in museums, art galleries, major quilt shows and corporate headquarters has been exciting.

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