Borders and Bindings Workshop

Borders and Bindings

Ending binding on a quilt is hard.  I have 2 methods that are easy to do.  Eliminate the too long or too short binding and make one that fits perfectly. 

Try a curved border on your next quilt.  Do it without complicated math or templates.  Face it instead of binding.

Just how big a square of fabric will you need to make bias binding?  Here is a step-by-step method to show you an easy way with very little math required.  Just fill in the blanks on the form and do a few simple math steps on a calculator, no need for you to figure it out. 

Workshop includes making binding endings and curving borders on a small sample or quilt.  There are many handouts with the lecture and workshop. 

6-hour class, or 1 hour lecture.


Example 1: Bridge



Example 2: Red One 3



Example 3: Sunshine



Example 4: Senators