Trunk show

I have almost 200 quilts and have done several shows in the area.  They range from small art quilts, queen sized bed quilts to wearables, contemporary to traditional quilts and many art quilts.


Feedsacks and what they mean to us

This explores the history of feedsacks, starting with the beginning of the rough cloth in the 1800ís and continuing through the present day reproductions.  Many samples of the fabric are included in the quilts shown in conjunction with the talk.


The History of Quilting

This one-hour   lecture covers the time from 1400 to the present.  It includes the  English beginnings and the move to the American continent and the spread west.  This lecture has been given to guilds, primary schools, high schools, Senior Centers, and colleges.


Color Theory

Is color hard for you to choose?  Why do some quilts sing with color and others quietly sit in the background?  Letís discuss the fun ways to choose colors and make them work together Lots of quilts are used in this lecture.